An agency focusing technology and marketing to unlock potential and growth

Unlocking potential and growth.

If you are happy with your company’s revenue performance then your stay at this site will be brief.

But do you feel that some of your current revenue streams could be improved?

Or maybe there are revenues that you would like to have but they are just out-of-reach currently.

In both these cases Transive can make a big difference. We are rich with experience in successfully developing and supporting technology for marketing. Also our senior team brings extensive marketing and senior management experience.

What’s more we will back ourselves to deliver a positive impact for your business. As a result our success driven commercial models make sure our rewards are aligned with your success.

We are equally happy defining, specifying and developing new software or sourcing and adapting 3rd party products. Transive’s services include application development, hosting and support.

Transive have developed and operate the Transive Tourism Platform as well as TRAQ Travel. Both are platforms designed to help travel clients unlock potential and growth in their businesses.

Our senior team has driven growth phases for prominent, sector leading companies in European, Asian and US markets.

Transive can move fast, and deliver rapid results. So if you want our help unlocking potential and growth for your business then talk to our team.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Transive have focused expertise, responsive teams and a flexible and dynamic business approach. As such Transive are a key technology partner for CitySprint

Mike Timlett (IT Director) CitySprint Group

Transive are rich in retail experience, understand the travel industry, and their ability to layer other services on top of technology delivered real value. Companies that can bring all this and move as quickly as Transive are very rare indeed.

Ian Stazicker (Tourism Director)

In a world where agile system development is key, we have found Transive to be very supportive and responsive to our needs and those of our customers

John Castagno (CEO) Simple & Open Ltd

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