Measuring brand awareness in three dimensions


Great brands build outstanding brand awareness, generating exceptional trust and advocacy. These brands also achieve greatness by paying careful attention to how their competition drives awareness.

Singular measurement of a brand’s awareness can help marketers assess performance and marketing ROI. Stakeholders can also use awareness metrics to evaluate progress. But detailed assessment of awareness across all key competitors in a market should be so much more than a one-dimensional measure.

Everything flows from brand awareness
Brand awareness and the customer journey

Digital metrics for brand awareness: the first dimension

Online traffic

A key metric is traffic to websites, but a simple volume count is a blunt measure. Traffic measurement must rate the quality of traffic as well as just the volume. For example direct traffic comes from users with specific brand recall, and is a valuable component. Bounce rate is a value reducer.

Social engagement

Measuring a brand’s engagement on social media gives a useful gauge of reach. A brand’s marketing content reach into a community and onto individual networks is an element of awareness.

Search volume

Organic search is the primary driver of online traffic. Where people are searching for a company, brand, or specific products and services, brand visibility in those searches is a primary determinant of its awareness.

Reviewing a brand’s traffic in Google Analytics, understanding its search rankings, and analysing its social engagement may feel comprehensive, but only gets close to a single dimension: the performance of just that single brand.

Adding dimensions to awareness measurement

TRAQ / BRAND  and TRAQ / SOCIAL give brand awareness analysis exposure to all three dimensions.

Our customers can specify the detailed product and service segments that matter to them. They can also identify all the competing brands that they fight in those categories. An additional geographical market dimension can also be added to give complete depth to the awareness measurement calibration.

Why measure brand awareness in three dimensions?

Marketers and stakeholders can use three-dimensional metrics to identify opportunities for growth in categories and geographies, getting ahead of their competition.  Equally the same metrics can be used to highlight competitors’ activities in the same categories. This gives an early warning of threats in valued sectors, and indicators of how competitors are advancing their brand awareness.

What’s more, advanced online and social data is a predictor of offline consumer behaviour. Three-dimensional metrics take the attention away from just determining ROI, and help guide strategy and execution.

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