About us

We are business engineers.

We deliver innovative solutions combining broad business knowledge with a deep understanding of software and marketing.

Our track record

We have 10 years of experience delivering technology, marketing and broad commercial projects for a great collection of clients.


From international marketing and distribution implementation for airlines, to fund raising and start-up support for analytics platforms, we pride ourselves on being able to get a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and become an integral part of their growth.
We couple this with focused software and development teams in Novi Sad, Serbia together with Mangalore and Chennai India. Also our design and digital marketing specialists are UK based.
In digital communications we are affiliated with Quintetto, an Italian technology leader.
Our commercial operations are London based, with an additional focus in Delhi.


Our senior team have run retail, TV, digital media and logistics businesses. They also have worked for leading global technology companies and driven finance and operations for sector leaders.