We believe in the power of partnerships.

Us and them is not a concept of use in Transive.

Our approach

We don’t have development or design service providers either, we have design and development partners.

Our Three Pillars

We make specific efforts to build relationships with our clients. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. Our steps in doing this include:

We want our clients to feel part of our team, and for them to see us as part of theirs. We invest in our service quality. We take an honest, transparent project approach.

Team work to us means feeling part of something, having shared objectives, and open communication. These elements help build trust and success.

Paying attention to what we do and how we do it is not a billable activity. It’s an attitude of mind.

This starts with open access for to our planning and control systems and continues with through a sensible, flexible focus on clients’ needs and priorities.