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Leverage our experience in successful market entry

The odds are against you. For every successful market entry there are around four failures. What make success elusive is often about competition, timing, and failing to leverage assets into sustainable cash flow. But there is also a risk of cognitive bias amongst founder teams or with entrepreneurs. This can result in irrational and poorly analysed decision-making which can pitch the business into  jeopardy from those common external factors. This is where Transive can help most. We focus on:

Key first stages

  • The market need that’s going to be served
  • Understanding the key building blocks (e.g. partners, resources, customer segments, revenue streams, etc.)
  • Talking to lots of people, to keep assessing the market need
  • Agile development to adjust the product/service from feedback
  • Launching a “minimum viable product” to check the product/service fit to the market

And assist the business through:

Moving forward

  • Driving brand awareness
  • Getting virality into the product/service
  • Focusing on early adopters
  • Understanding buyer behaviour and match products/services to it
  • Making sure that operations and fulfilment work
  • Deploying tools to maximise feedback
  • Standing-out from the competition
  • Thinking laterally

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