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Driving business growth

Founders and entrepreneurial teams often commit to deliver high levels of growth but struggle to deliver on those promises. As a result a gap between expectations and delivery can grow, a gap which can be crippling if big growth objectives have got ahead of practical planning. So it’s not surprising that the growth phase creates risks along with opportunities. The Transive team is focused on driving business growth and can help to:

  • Assess market feedback and to refine products/services
  • Review competitive challenges
  • Assess resource requirements and availability
  • Adjust business plans

This often leads to:

  • Extending technology
  • Developing a management team
  • Creating management process
  • Funding for growth

For us, this starts with understanding owners/founders:

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your abilities?
  • How much are willing are you to delegate and manage others?

That’s why the Transive team works with management teams to assess, plan ensure that the gap between growth delivered and growth promised is firmly closed.

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