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Awareness is key to enhancing market position, shaping customers’ choices, and driving their loyalty

Brand awareness is the central platform from which all other brand associations stem. TRAQ / Brand helps to improve brand loyalty, so reducing marketing costs, and creating opportunities for price premiums. These impacts lead to higher profits.

Also our awareness metrics provide management insight into key performance drivers, and indicate growth potential to boards and shareholders.

TRAQ / Brand

Granular measurement of your brand gives digital visibility across 3 key dimensions:

  • Competition
  • Products & Services
  • Geographical Markets

The platform’s primary features are that it:

  • is a predictor of offline sales
  • delivers immediate insight into your competitors’ areas of focus and drive
  • highlights where opportunities and threats run across your market
  • measures your brand awareness performance and share of voice versus your competitors
  • is fully configurable across all the market and geographic sectors that are relevant to your business

So TRAQ / Brand offers a proven way to improve short-term revenue performance by targeting opportunities in specific product categories. Equally the platform can help to reduce marketing costs, eliminating wasteful short-term tactical expenditure.

Find out more about improving revenue and reducing marketing costs.

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